Client Testimonials

Ricky Shetty


AWESOME SERVICE! I had a virus on my laptop so took it to Justin from JR Networks! Within a few days, it was working perfectly and over a year later, I have no problems at all. Well done, JR Networks!! :)

Kiki Donna

Justin Is quick efficient and good at fixing the computer. I have a tendency to get viruses but he is a miracle worker i recommend him to anyone and everyone.

John Morsette

Thank you for the great service JR Networks I can rest again nowing my computer is safe , and working faster than Superman on Redbull!

Jem Purdy

Superhero fixed my lethargic beast of a pc! I recommend his services!

Daniel Borowski

Natura Fashion Media

Excellent professional, polite and prompt service and would RECOMMEND Justin's services for those out there with ANY computer issues. Justin is the BEST! He's got a good heart and a clever mind.

Amber G

Great service. Saved me after my computer crashed. Works like a charm now.